The right people in the right place: "Who can...?"

In the "hot phase of the pre-election battle", a large-scale campaign is starting in the newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” under the title "Who can become chancellor?" in which, for the first time, Austria's top-ranking politicians are subjected to an objective analysis of their potential. HILL International is on board as the specialist partner.

How did this come about?"
Elisabeth Leyser (CEO HILL Management): I think over the years we've positioned ourselves in such a way that one accepts our objectivity. And I also think that internationally observed bad political decisions have contributed to the fact that people are developing a need to better understand whom they should trust... Thanks to our competence analysis, we can also show another side of the individuals who want to significantly shape our country in the coming years, a side that is otherwise difficult to see as a result of massive advertising and public appearances that have been honed for the media: personality in the strictest sense. The candidates were asked what should be revealed - so that the information revealed is determined directly by the candidates and safeguarded through business psychology know-how.

It sounds fascinating.
Sabine Caliskan (Partner HILL Management): Yes, definitely, because we come across as completely independent and don't make any recommendations for chancellor. We expand on the portrayal of the individuals: we make it possible for us to see our candidates, how they present themselves based on the characteristics of their personality, and thanks to the process we can do this in a way that is totally objective.

Dr. Hill, was this in any way something close to the heart?
Othmar Hill (founder and CEO HILL International): Yeah, you could say that! Anyone who knows me knows that for years I have advocated for standards and objectivity in the filling of political positions. It makes me all happier that the Kronen newspaper has come to us with this idea.

Normally you test managers. What was different this time?
Elisabeth Leyser (CEO HILL Management): Firstly, certainly the candidate's exposure and the attention the results could draw. Also related, of course: the process, with the inclusion of a notary and many precautions so that really no one but the notary knew who had been tested. It was only after the last evaluation reports had been written that we were told which results were attributed to which individuals. It was very strict and also how we wanted it. We couldn't and didn't want to influence the results in any way.

Do politicians "tick" differently? What commonalities were you able to find?
Othmar Hill (founder and CEO HILL International): Yes, there are more commonalities than we would have thought. We can't give away too much, but all of them really are mentally fit.  And, what one can also expect in these types of positions: consistently very courageous and very self-aware.

What parallels can one make with individuals active in the economy if one were to ask: "who can do management?"
Othmar Hill (founder and CEO HILL International): Managers, just like politicians, must be equal to the professional requirements and can - depending on their suitability - "perform" better or worse in the job. Using our method, we get to know people very quickly and really well and can recognize risks such as burnout or as-yet untapped - and thus exploitable - potential.

Do you view the use of potential analyses as hype?
Sabine Caliskan (Partner HILL Management): No, quite the opposite. We have worked with this method and this understanding for 30 years. And we are convinced that if people act in the right place, they can be more efficient, more effective, but also happier and healthier, which ultimately benefits the company and society. In terms of politicians, the whole country benefits.

Do you want to take a look behind the scenes? Click here to watch the making-of video: http://www.krone.at/590479.

Othmar Hill

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