Assessment centre & hearings

You probably ask yourself how you can gain measurable knowledge of the competences, potentials, strengths, and development areas of your employees - to develop your people and your team even better and to uncover hidden treasures. Or have you been trying for a long time to find out which talent in a pool of high performers is the most suitable? Do you want to substantiate the decision of your own recruiting processes?

At HILL International we will guide you to the answers with method.


Joint process design
  • Clarification of the goals of the assessment centre or hearing: internal development? Screening of external candidates? Strategic framework conditions?
  • Definition of the setting: individual or group assessment, hearing
  • Establishing and defining the essential target competencies
Creating trust and commitment
  • Informing the employees involved about the purpose, process & goal
  • Kick-off event - especially for internal events
Survey and analysis of potentials
  • upotreba HILL analize kompetencija®
  • vođenje dubinskih dijaloga
  • grupne, individualne ili aktivnosti u parovima;
  • prezentacije, igre uloga, studije slučaja
  • procena 360 stepeni
Elaboration & development of solutions
  • Preparation of individual or group reports
  • Presentation of results to decision makers
  • Feedback to employees (on request)
  • Elaboration of development plans


  • Clear answers to the target/actual competencies, potentials and development areas of (potential) employees and teams, especially with regard to soft skills - thanks to an efficient, objective and standardised tool.
  • Concrete recommendations for the development of employees and efficient and effective teams
  • Development and strengthening of your key players with focus on future challenges of your organisation
  • Impulse for your appreciative and development & promotion focused corporate culture

Mag. Sigrid Leutgeb-Webersdorfer, HILL International in Linz
Mag. Sigrid Leutgeb-Webersdorfer
HILL International in Linz
+43 732 73 13 51 contact
Josef Buttinger, HILL International in Vienna
Josef Buttinger
HILL International in Vienna
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Mag. Daniel Lechner, HILL International in Klagenfurt
Mag. Daniel Lechner
HILL International in Klagenfurt
+43 463 515 79 30 contact
Ing. Bernhard Hochmayr, HILL International in Salzburg
Ing. Bernhard Hochmayr
HILL International in Salzburg
+43 662 643 400 contact