Competence & Management Audit

External and internal personnel decisions are of lasting importance and should not be made lightly. To avoid wrong appointments and the associated bad investments, it is important to rely on employees who are not only professionally convincing, but also fit into the respective corporate culture due to their personality. Based on the HILL Competence Analysis® and the optional in-depth interviews, we assess the suitability of the candidates in order to facilitate our own personnel decisions.


Preliminary discussion & analysis of the current situation
  • Determine objectives for the audit (alignment with your strategic considerations)
  • Determine the essential target competences
  • Carrying out the HILL Competence Analysis®
  • Detailed, semi-structured personal interviews
  • Tools such as role plays, case studies, 360-degree assessment etc. (on request)
  • Report preparation: individually or in groups
  • Presentation of results to decision-makers
  • Formulation of development plans
  • Feedback to employees (on request)


  • Avoidance of wrong appointments and the associated costs
  • Identification of potentials and value systems of existing and future employees
  • Ensuring an optimal fit between candidates and the company
  • Sound basis for objective and qualified personnel decisions
  • Increased productivity in the company through the optimal positioning of employees

Mag. Sigrid Leutgeb-Webersdorfer, HILL International in Linz
Mag. Sigrid Leutgeb-Webersdorfer
HILL International in Linz
+43 732 73 13 51 contact
Dr. Monika Kanatschnig, HILL International in Klagenfurt
Dr. Monika Kanatschnig
HILL International in Klagenfurt
+43 463 50 16 60 contact