Executive Search

The most exciting candidates: These are often not those who are looking for a new challenge on their own initiative. They are often those who are still under contract. But how can you get an overview and find out who is doing a great job in which position? And what is the best way to get in touch with the most promising ones? Last but not least: How do you find out how much basic salary and bonuses such executives usually receive depending on the position and the  region? We at HILL International know. And we will be happy to support you in the extremely demanding mission of executive search.


Requirements profile
  • Detailed consultation for the joint definition of the candidate profile and the search strategy
  • Active Search: HILL International database, social media, career forums
  • Target sourcing: direct approach according to target company list by our experienced sourcing specialists
Pre-selection & suitability check
  • Telephone interviews
  • Detailed, semi-structured personal interviews plus HILL Competence Analysis©
  • Executive summary with our assessment of the profile fit
  • Business psychology report (on request)
  • Obtaining references (on request)
  • Candidate introduction to the client
  • Joint reflection as sparring partner
Decision-making & contract
  • Accompaniment during finalisation


  • Access to top candidates who are not actively looking for a job
  • Finding the optimal fit between candidates and companies
  • Rapid appointment with absolute discretion
  • Staffing guarantee & back-up guarantee in the unexpected event of premature separation
  • Optimal fit and compatibility: professionally, personally and in terms of your values and culture.

Mag. Markus Mülleder, MBA, HILL International in Linz
Mag. Markus Mülleder, MBA
HILL International in Linz
+43 732 73 13 51 office@hill-international.com contact
Josef Buttinger, HILL International in Vienna
Josef Buttinger
HILL International in Vienna
+43 1 796 97 98 - 0 josef.buttinger@hill-international.com contact
Mag. Daniel Lechner, HILL International in Klagenfurt
Mag. Daniel Lechner
HILL International in Klagenfurt
+43 463 515 79 30 daniel.lechner@hill-international.com contact
Ing. Bernhard Hochmayr, HILL International in Salzburg
Ing. Bernhard Hochmayr
HILL International in Salzburg
+43 662 643 400 bernhard.hochmayr@hill-international.com contact