HILL Competence Analysis

  • Are you looking for a tool in recruiting processes that provides you with an objective match of open positions to personal and professional competencies?
  • Are you asking yourself which candidates are the best fit for your corporate culture?
  • How do you ensure that your junior managers, high potentials and experts develop into the right position in the company according to their competences?
  • Do you have the right tools at hand for international staffing that also work online and at the push of a button in the respective national language?

With the HILL Competence Analysis®, our analysis tool that has been tried and tested thousands of times over for decades, we have the right answers to your questions: with its support we provide you with a complete picture of the individual potential structures and value landscapes of your candidates. Psychologically and scientifically sound, objective, online and in around 20 world languages


  • Value attitudes and basic behaviour patterns in comparison with the requirement profile
  • Cognitive skills for problem solving
Professional interest
  • professional fields of interest
  • ideal working conditions
Selling style
  • Individual sales style
  • strengths/weaknesses in sales talk
  • Management strategies and specific management style taking into account the respective management level
Performance and concentration
  • Attentiveness
  • Work accuracy
  • speed of work


Safety is a good feeling

Instinctive feelings can be deceptive, first impressions can be misleading. The HILL Competence Analysis®, on the other hand, provides you with an undistorted and clearly contoured internal view of your most promising candidates: An overall picture of the professional skills, most important personality traits and values. This is how you put your choice on a scientific basis. And make them a perfect match with your requirements and your corporate culture.

The best choice

  • Professional, personal and cultural suitability
  • Flexible analysis through module combination according to your needs
  • Clear and customized presentation of results in the Matching Report
  • state of the art in business psychology
  • Quick and easy to carry out online
  • in about 20 world languages

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