In Poland: Top Newcomer for HILL International

High-profile team repositions Warsaw location

"I am happy to see some familiar faces again after all these years and, with all the consistency, at the same time perceive a lot of fresh energy, high ambition and excellent cooperation in a diversely composed international team!", states Iwona Cekal.
"Knowing that this key market is in excellent hands, with comprehensive know-how in processes as well as in the market, but above all a common mindset, is an important step to be able to offer our customers first-class service now also in Poland," Managing Director and owner representative Manfred Webersdorfer is convinced.

The plans? Iwona Cekal is full of joy and motivation "My team and me are enthusiastic about the change, we always enjoyed the international cooperation and what comes now on top are additional tools that assist our professional work, such as the HILL Competence Analysis ©. We want to continue our journey with HILL International, we want to have fun together and of course, we want to support our clients and candidates in the best way."

Background HILL International Poland

Iwona Cekal, who started her career at HILL International, continues her professional journey with her team where she began 25 years ago. After completing her Master's degree in Management and Marketing as well as additional studies at the Faculty of Finance and Banking at the Warsaw School of Economics, she was based in Prague for 10 years and worked for HILL. After further positions, for example at Kienbaum Executive Consultants and Neumann International in Warsaw, she most recently ran her company as a network partner for CNA International Executive.

She thus spent around two decades developing clients throughout CEE and managing top search projects. She is also experienced in a wide range of HR services such as outplacement and AC/DC. Together with her team, Iwona has successfully led searches for top regional and national positions, such as CEE Directors and General Managers, Business Unit Directors, Sales Directors, CFOs, Plant Managers, Marketing Directors, especially in the healthcare (pharmaceuticals, medical devices), consumer goods and manufacturing industries.

The HILL International Network

HILL International is an internationally successful personnel consulting network founded in Vienna in 1975 and dedicated to professional personnel search and selection, executive search and leadership consulting. With independent branches in 20 countries, mainly in CEE and SEE, HILL International advises and supports clients according to the principle of "regional competence in an international network". Exceeding expectations and supporting sustainable personnel decisions is part of HILL’s DNA and is also guaranteed by the use of the company-own HILL Competence Analysis©.

Would you like to benefit from the expertise of our Polish team for your branch in Poland? Feel free to contact us directly!


Mag. Birgit Pfannhauser, Managing Director, Chief Partner Officer
Managing Director, Chief Partner Officer

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