Summer, Vacation, Sunshine - 3 Questions for Self-Reflection under Palm Trees

No need to worry – you are spared from linear functions and trigonometry, as your focus should fall on answering three questions to return from your vacation not only refreshed, but also self-reflective.

Self-reflection helps you break out of your routine, develop your skills, and review their effectiveness. It's about questioning what you do and why you do it in a positive way. It's about questioning what you're doing and why you're doing it in a positive way. At the end of your journey, deciding if there is a better or more efficient way should be as easy as living in the summer seems to be. So, pull out your notepad and start looking for answers....

What skills do you have?

There's a reason why the question about your strengths is one of the most frequently asked in job interviews. Understanding what makes you unique and how your personality impacts the team, will impress your counterpart more than a list of traits from a two-minute Google search ever could.

Whether soft skills or hard skills, being aware of your abilities and being able to communicate them clearly offers you the opportunity to further develop your talents and increase your productivity and enjoyment of work

Do you want your job to expand or intensify your repertoire of skills?

Generalist or specialist - that is the question! In order to know which career direction will make you shine, you should reflect on whether you want to be an expert or an all-rounder. Do you value broad basic knowledge or detailed expertise? And what is most in demand in your industry?

As a generalist, you gain insights into and an overview of a sum of processes that offer you challenging and at the same time diverse tasks. Meanwhile, specialists always stay up to date and usually focus on a few central problems.

And no matter which path you choose, the crowning glory is that you'll have a selection of educational opportunities as wide as the assortment at your local ice cream shop!

What education and training do you need to achieve your goal?

Whether it's a seminar, training course or part-time study program - you should take advantage of every opportunity to expand your knowledge. In this way, you not only improve new career prospects, but also increase your value in the company at the same time, because continuing education keeps the working world running.

Whether technical or economic, problem-specific, or general, the Austrian job market offers numerous opportunities and enables education in many facets. Find out about offers that can be beneficial for your career and take a plunge to start fresh after the summer - knowledge can never be too much.

Have you acquired a summery taste for further improving your self-perception and escaping routine? With the help of the HILL Competence Analysis, we can effectively support you in your location determination as part of a career consultation.
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We will be happy to support you in this as well!

Mag. Sigrid Leutgeb-Webersdorfer, Head of HILL Management Services
Head of HILL Management Services

If you stop wanting to be better, you stop being good.