HR Development

Who doesn't want to see their company at the top of the charts of the most attractive employer brands? Getting there is the question of effective HR management. Upgrade and take your HR management to the next level with HILL International. Use our know-how and experience to transform your HR department from a service centre into an engine for the realignment of your goals, strategies, and business development.


HR Strategy
  • Development, definition and implementation of a new and effective HR strategy
  • based on your corporate strategy
  • aligned with the development of your business, your customers and the market
HR Processes
  • Optimisation of existing and introduction of new processes and programmes
  • taking into account recruiting, talent, competence, performance, compensation, knowledge and diversity management
Executive development
  • Tailor-made solutions for the strategic development of your middle and top management or your high potentials & talents
Individual coaching
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness as well as focus on the essential tasks through
  • joint reflection on day-to-day management, conflict resolution and the development of new options and alternatives for action
  • for managers, experts and teams
Employer branding
  • individual strategies for the successful positioning of your employer brand
  • with clear communication of the best aspects of your company
  • as they are lived and cultivated
  • to attract potential talent and retain existing employees


  • Increase in your attractiveness as an employer
  • Boost for your corporate development
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness through customised new HR processes and programmes