Good corporate culture obliges. For example, to part with valued employees in a respectful and fair manner when their time together is coming to an end. But how do you really do that without causing deep hurt?

HILL International is your companion for amicable separations. Agreement that is worth a lot: Careless separations are easily avoidable insults that can also cause irritation in public, among your management and among your employees.


Basic Module Outplacement
  • Emotional pick-up: Mentally dealing with the dismissal
  • HILL Competence Analysis®: Identifying personal performance potentials
  • Application strategy: Developing the future professional orientation
  • Application coaching
Advanced modules Outplacement Non-Executives
  • Further support with intensification of the basic module contents
  • In-depth job application training: holistic preparation and simulation of challenging job application situations
  • Inplacement: Active new start support
Advanced module Outplacement Executives
  • Holistic counselling with special consideration of the individual framework conditions including use of the global HILL International network
Counselling before and during the separation process
  • In-depth analysis of the initial situation
  • Clear definition of goals
  • Tailor-made planning of the separation process
  • Focused process support with professional advice


  • Defusing cases of hardship leads to a strengthening of your employer brand
  • Intensifying the loyalty of remaining employees to the company through the expression of appreciation
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the company as an employer with social responsibility
  • Reduce friction in the separation process
  • Designing the separation process in line with your Corporate Social Responsibility