Creation of a talent pool

The shortage of highly qualified personnel is a problem in almost all sectors of the economy. Ensuring replenishment and continuity of management, achieving personnel stability and safety has become a key condition for the success and sustainability of the organization.


Talent pool modeling
  • Analyzing the need for a personnel reserve (based on the company's strategy)
  • Developing appropriate principles and guidelines
  • Agreeing criteria and algorithms for the selection of candidates
Selection for personnel reserve
  • Supporting the selection process according to the formal criteria
  • Carrying evaluation of a potential using the HILL © Competence Analysis and other assessment tools: interviews, questionnaires, 360° feedback.
  • Organizing events to provide informational support of the program
Providing training for (future) managers
  • Assisting in the preparation of individual development plans
  • Developing managerial, leadership and business competencies
  • Training of internal corporate trainers
  • Helping to implement systematic work with the personnel reserve


  • Your organization is staffed with committed and engaged employees, low personnel turnover
  • Continuity of management, preservation and reproduction of key competencies
  • Reduction of risks and adaptation time when appointing new managers
  • Improved efficiency of management decisions
  • Saving the salary budget and reducing the costs of search, selection, adaptation and training of personnel.