Developing a competency model

How to create a requirements profile for a position correctly? Who should be included in the talent pool? How to prepare a transparent and fair appraisal process? The competency model is the basis for all processes of acquiring and developing talents in an organization.


Analyses of the organization and project design
  • Collecting and analyzing information about the company, business and the market
  • Agreeing of the approach and roadmap
  • Forming the joint working group
Development of the competency model
  • Conducting predictive interviews
  • Using the critical incidents technique
  • Conducting online surveys and focus groups
Implementation into practice
  • Forming a team of change agents
  • Conducting internal communications campaign with focus on the practical value of the competency model
  • Training of managers at all levels
  • Supporting the change process and culture


  • A clear profile of employee requirements linked to strategic business goals
  • Unified personnel evaluation system for the purposes of recruitment, development and promotion of employees
  • The culture of high achievements and continuous improvement finds concrete embodiment
  • Employees are aware of their development pathways