HILL International Kft

HILL International Ltd. - Company Data

In Hungarian: HILL International Kft. or short form: HILL Kft.

Address: H-1027 Budapest, Szász Károly Str. 2.

Phone: +36-1-201-2252, +36-20-201-2252


Registrered since: October 26, 1989.

Court registration number: 01-09-063467

Tax number: 10273489-2-41

EU Community VAT number: HU10273489

D.U.N.S number: UU40-144-3379

Hungarian Statistics Office identifier (statisztikai számjel): 10273489-7450-113-01

Bank account number (IBAN): HU 68 11100104-10273489-71000000

ISO 9001:2015 qualification: since 1997; ISO registration number: DNV 215597, certified by DNV, Registration is valid till March 31, 2026

Labour recruitment permission number: 51485-5/2004-0100-334, issued by the Ministry of Labour

Adult education permission number: B/2020/006761 (registered on October 29, 2020.)

Personal Data Protection Registry Number:  65 - 0001


Last update of this page: 8 September, 2023